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Why Customers Love Our High-End Lenses & Digital Order Tracking

The testing lab at Green Optics. Technical Director of Manufacturing Jeff Eisenberg says his company’s relationship with VisionWeb powers a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

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By Jeff Eisenberg, ABOC

July 27, 2022

I started my career as a technical lab manager over 20 years ago, and over the years I have developed my knowledge and skills to grow into my current role as technical director of manufacturing at Green Optics Lab. Green Optics came to fruition because the founders, Mike and Bernie Green, recognized that due to the high demand of customers, everything was being outsourced at other labs to reduce costs. However, this was causing delays to customer orders, especially if the jobs needed to be reworked.

The reality was that the jobs would come in and get serviced and sent back to places sometimes as far away as Mexico. We saw a gap in the market for a one-stop-shop where everything was made perfectly, in-house. Green Optics pays close attention to detail on every level. Having a team of highly skilled people with over 150 years combined experience speaks volumes. Additionally, we’ve created an exceptional customer service team to assist our customers from start to finish. We have a live receptionist who answers all of our customer calls, providing another level of personal touch.

Since 2015, Green Optics has established our reputation as a certified Cartier and LINDBERG lab. We produce all these high-end lenses by hand to provide an upscale look, which is like a piece of fine-crafted jewelry when completed. Our focus is on creating popular and high-end orders to be the best in the business. The Green Optics facility is outfitted with the latest technology for digital lens processing, dip hardcoating, anti-reflective coatings and mirror coatings. Few labs take on these custom orders because of the labor associated with them. That’s why customers love and rely on us. In order to elevate our status above the everyday lab, we strive to produce specialty lenses and orders that other labs won’t touch. We’re certainly not perfect, but we aim for perfection at all levels of our business.

Trusted Partnership with VisionWeb
Green Optics integrated with VisionWeb’s online ordering platform when it was founded. I have had the privilege to watch VisionWeb’s lab relationships, integrations and management options evolve since it was founded in 2000. The integration allows our customers to order from our catalog of lens products on the portal, integrated Practice Management systems and other integrated ordering systems.

Over the years, I have worked with many companies on customer service and technical issues. Some companies meet expectations, but VisionWeb exceeds ours. In my experience, people need 3-4 days to respond to requests, but VisionWeb responds right away and completes our requests in a timely manner. When a new lens product is launched, VisionWeb is quick to make the product available in their system. I’m positive they provide that quality and promptness to all their customers. I’m really pleased with our relationship and their ability to get it done right the first time.

Putting Customer Service First
We value VisionWeb’s part in our process because they make our new products available to a large volume of our customers. To stay competitive in our industry, we produce new designs and new materials or coatings on a regular basis, so we’re constantly in communication with VisionWeb to keep our catalog updated for our customers. In today’s ever changing, digital world, there is a high demand for online ordering. Eyecare providers are also finding the benefits of connecting their practice management system to VisionWeb’s ordering platform so they don’t have to re-key orders. If a customer has at least 15-20 orders to input daily, re-keying slows down their ability to scale their business.

How Our Lab’s Customers Benefit from Online Ordering

1. They receive ownership and visibility for order tracking and corrections.

2. They can reliably input and send us orders.

3. They’ll experience an expedited process due to reduced re-keying and error.

VisionWeb’s order tracking system allows our customers to track their orders in real time. This is a key reason for encouraging our customers to create digital orders. Order tracking allows our customers to see when an order is shipped so they can schedule order pick-up times with their patients. When practices place their orders through their PM system or online, they’re getting ahead in our system and getting jobs started with minimal data entry. After that, we quality-check the order and get started right away.

Switching Customers to Online Ordering
VisionWeb’s ordering platform is how most of our digital customers submit their orders to us. Every week, we receive multiple requests for approvals for new VisionWeb accounts, including existing customers of ours that want to start placing orders online. Our integration with VisionWeb has exposed our lab to new customers and allows us even greater reach across the industry. If our customers are in a different time zone, sometimes they want to see if an order was shipped outside of business hours, but they can’t call us. They realize they benefit from actively tracking the production in our lab through VisionWeb, so they’re happy to create an account and check order status online 24/7.

Learn More

Click HERE to read success stories powered by VisionWeb.

There are so many different ways to order today: courier, e-mail, fax, phone and electronically. Phone orders are still the most popular, but they are definitely not the most efficient method for us or for practices. We even receive orders by fax from smaller accounts who don’t need too much work. There are some accounts I wish we could switch over to digital ordering because they’re currently sending e-mails from their practice management system. This method isn’t as efficient because it still requires us to manually input the order on our side, whereas orders placed through VisionWeb feed directly into our lab management system and don’t require intervention on our end.

If you are a practice looking to integrate with VisionWeb’s ordering portal, I encourage you to try it. You can start by creating an account at It’s painless, free and a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Working in optical lens manufacturing for over 20 years, Jeff Eisenberg has worked in customer support and lab management before assuming his current position as Technical Director of Manufacturing at Green Optics Lab in Michigan. Green Optics’ goal isn’t to be the biggest laboratory, but the best in the business. You can reach out to Jeff with further questions at:

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