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What Web Sites Do Americans Use to Buy Eyewear Online?

Online-only sellers of eyewear have an advantage over other online sellers of eyewear, according to The Vision Council’s 2013 Internet Influence Report. The study indicates that online eyeglass buyers prefer to use web sites operated by eyewear retailers, especially retailers that only have a presence on the web (e.g.,,

Among plano sunglass buyers, general online retailers that also sell eyewear (like and, sunglass specialty retailers (,, etc.) and online auctioning services (e.g. are the most popular sites used to purchase plano sunglasses online. Significant numbers of recent OTC readers buyers purchased readers from sites operated by eyewear retailers that only have an online presence, as well as general online retailers and online auctioning services.

Do you want to increase your profit by 25-95 percent? According to an article published by the Harvard Business School, increasing patient retention rates by 5 percent increases profit by 25-95 percent. This is such an important concept, that this week we are going to put you to work to make sure you have this issue managed well.
Here are five key retention strategies that must be in your practice.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE: According to a Gallop Group study, patients are nine times more likely to be engaged with you if your service is “courteous, willing and helpful,” versus “speedy.” Many behavioral psychology studies have shown that people view their service experience as more positive when they don’t feel rushed or ignored. In the box below describe how you deliver exceptional service to your patients.

BUYING: If patients don’t enjoy your buying process, they’ll likely not do business with you again. In this process, some words are better than others. Newest technology, best lenses for you, easy payments that fit your budget are words people want to hear. According to neuroeconomics experts, nearly 25 percent of your patients are conservative spenders (i.e.: “tightwads”). You and your staff need to be prepared. In the box below, write the 30 second or less script for a patient who has sticker shock and resists the purchase due to cost.

RECIPROCITY: This means if you go above and beyond for patients, you will be rewarded with repeat business. Making this happen is tricky. A good way to do it is to master the art of the “Frugal WOW.” Here’s an example of three things you can do to increase reciprocity by employing the Frugal WOW.
a. Every staff member must greet every patient by name at least one time during the office visit. Clinic staff must use the patient’s name at least three times during the office visit.
b. Give each patient a “free” gift (e.g.: cleaning cloth, lens cleaning solution, contact lens case).
c. Ask for the patient’s preferred communication method, then send them a thank you note before they get home from the office visit.

Click HERE to read an article about the Frugal WOW. In the space below, create your own version of the Frugal WOW to use in your office.

CREATE A LOYALTY PROGRAM: The key to creating a patient loyalty program that works is to know why patients use them and what gets patients to keep using them. Consumer research shows that people are twice as likely to finish loyalty programs if they are automatically rewarded as soon as they sign up. Research by Joseph Nunes on loyalty programs shows that people love being VIPs or gold members of programs. For this to work to its best, there must be at least one class below them. Nunes showed an increase in gold members as soon as he implemented a lesser silver class. In the space below create the loyalty program for your practice.

COMMUNICATION: It’s hard to create loyal patients if they aren’t paying attention to you. According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board, 64 percent of people cited shared values as the primary reason they had a strong relationship with a brand. In the box tell the story of your practice brand in 30 seconds or less. Have staff help you. Enlist a few patients as well. Use this script with every patient to tell your shared values story.

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