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Upcoming Webinar on “Profit First” Cash-Flow Management System

August 26, 2020

A course on the Profit First cash-flow management system will be presented via webinar on Sept. 11 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.

Michael Kling, OD, president of Impact Leadership and the founder and CEO of Invision Optometry, a Vision Source practice in San Diego, Calif., will instruct the course.

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“The number one financial challenge facing most optometric practice owners today is poor cash flow. Doctor-owners often fall prey to focusing too much on top-line revenue growth, while ignoring the increasing expenses and debt that often accompanies that growth. Without a plan, practice owners often find themselves living from insurance check to insurance check, wondering how they’re going to make payroll, financially overwhelmed and stressed out,” says Dr. Kling. “This course presents a revolutionary new cash-flow management system designed to immediately improve practice profitability, eradicate unnecessary business expenses and assist practice owners with managing their business debt.”

The three-hour course, developed specifically for optometry practice owners, will teach you:

● How to improve your practice profitability… immediately

● The Profit First strategy and why it works

● The four core principles of Profit First

● How to set up your business bank accounts (so you know what’s really going on with
your cash flow)

● How to properly allocate for profit, owner’s compensation, taxes and operating

● How much to pay yourself…and how to get a raise

● How to ensure there’s always money to pay your taxes

● How to eradicate unnecessary expenses in your practice

● A customized Profit First plan for your practice

>>Click HERE to register for Profit First – The Live Web Course>>

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