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The Technology Powering 70% Gross Income Growth in My Practice

The reception area of one of Dr. Sesto’s eight practice locations. Dr. Sesto says Eyefinity® Practice Management has greatly boosted his practice’s profitability.

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By Anthony Sesto, OD

Nov. 10, 2021

When searching for a new practice management system for my office, I wanted to implement a software that would not only help grow my business but provide my patients with the opportunity to communicate with ease.

That search was pleasantly short-lived when I came across Eyefinity® Practice Management, a cloud-based software solution that prioritizes the patient experience. Transitioning to Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR has proven invaluable to growing my practice.

I am thrilled to share how we have leveraged this technology to increase profitability, change the way we engage with patients, and focus on delivering the best care possible.

Centralized Billing with the Cloud
I transitioned to Eyefinity’s software in January 2018 because I wanted a cloud-based system. When we switched, each of our four offices was running separately on their own servers. I was looking for a solution that could seamlessly integrate and improve the workflow experience between the various locations. With the help of Eyefinity Practice Management, we were able to centralize billing and funnel claims from each location into one office.

Tools for Independent Practice Success

Independent practices are up against more than ever before. With competition from online retailers and other sellers increasing, practice owners need every available advantage. The VSP Global® Premier Program provides many much-needed advantages that give independent practices an edge over competitors.

The VSP Global® Premier Program invests in private practices, offering cost-saving benefits and business-building tools, resources and training to empower and support the long-term success of VSP network doctors. Designed with providers in mind, the VSP Premier Program continuously rolls out new resources and benefits focused on enhancing patient flow, profitability and practice support.

In nearly every facet of your practice, whether it’s staff management, marketing, OD recruitment, or beyond, VSP Global® Premier Program can offer you support:

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Emphasis on Patient Retention
It’s far easier to keep an existing patient coming back to your practice than it is to attract new patients. Eyefinity Practice Management has become a vital part of our patient retention program. This technology includes tools to manage the business with functions such as billing, patient scheduling, claim submission and lens and frame orders. Another important feature that saves staff time and increases patient retention is the software’s online patient appointment scheduler.

Having a true online scheduling solution that writes appointments directly into the system, rather than sending an e-mail request, has been great for time management. My practices typically receive over 200 appointments booked online a month, and the time saved not having to answer phone calls has been a notable change, and a benefit for me and my staff.

We also use Eyefinity’s Electronic Patient Notifications, which integrates directly with Eyefinity Practice Management and automatically sends important updates to our patients via text message, like recalls, appointment reminders and eyewear ready notifications. These messages help ensure patients come back to see us each year, show up to their scheduled appointments and pick up their eyewear without my staff having to spend a lot of time on the phone trying to track them down.

Robust Technology Integrations
One of the key features that gave us immediate results was integrating TriZetto Provider Solutions with our Eyefinity Practice Management system. This integration allows us to pull medical insurance eligibilities that show both co-pays and deductibles. We can also submit and reconcile claims from most insurance companies.

Another great advantage is that Eyefinity offers a seamless connection to VSP® and it’s free of charge! This connection means that practices using Eyefinity cloud-based software can leverage the exclusive VSP integrations to increase productivity and reduce one-off tasks.

Flexibility to Focus
The time that Eyefinity saves us allows me and my staff to focus on growing our business and providing a better experience for our patients.

With Eyefinity cloud-based software, the front office team, doctors and opticians can stay connected in real-time. Staying connected gives our practices the ability to handle critical tasks in the office, at home, or on the go because we can securely access our patient records through HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software.

Ability to Help Even More Patients
The smooth workflows and swift exam charting make it easier to see more patients and increase revenue to promote healthy growth in our practice. This increase in efficiency has made tremendous improvements to our bottom line. During the first year of implementing Eyefinity Practice Management, our gross income was up by 14 percent. Fast-forward to more recent numbers — in less than five years the gross income for our practice is up 70 percent — an exponential growth!

Adaptive Technology that Grows with Your Practice
We have now expanded to eight new locations. Adding these locations with Eyefinity Practice Management was super easy, thanks to the help we received from the Eyefinity team. Had I not invested in Eyefinity’s software, I cannot imagine the pain that would have come with buying a new location and then setting up a server with all the practice information, exam charges, contacts and ophthalmic lens pricing.

Essential Support During the Pandemic
During the pandemic, it was extremely beneficial that we had Eyefinity Practice Management, especially when we shut down for a month in the spring of 2020. Luckily, we could still access patient information and manage routine business operations for all offices from one location. This also allowed us to continue to provide uninterrupted emergency care. Additionally, we were able to order contact lenses and have them delivered directly to our patients.

We received many emergency cases related to eye infections and other medical eyecare needs throughout this period. With the integrated telemedicine capabilities in Eyefinity EHR, I was able to practice within the temporary regulatory guidelines during the pandemic and efficiently document and code virtual patient visits. It actually helped us expand our practice during the lockdown and beyond.

The Future of Eyecare
Eyefinity Practice Management provides my staff and I the capabilities to deliver optimal patient care and streamline office operations. I could not be more pleased with the progress we have made and the efforts that Eyefinity has made to ensure that I can provide the kind of service that my patients deserve and expect.

I am excited to see what additional enhancements and features Eyefinity Practice Management will include in the future and how those updates will continue to revolutionize the optometry profession. I have no doubt this software will continue to contribute to the growth of my practice and set a precedent for eye health across the country.

Partnering with Eyefinity has enabled me to provide the highest level of care and the best patient experience possible while building my practice. And for those who wish to remain consistent, Eyefinity Practice Management can help maintain the business you have already built, while integrating a more modern patient-centered platform.

Anthony Sesto, OD, is a VSP ambassador and partner with Normandy Optical, which comprises eight VSP Premier Program practices throughout the metropolitan Detroit area of Michigan.


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