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The Practice Buyer that Helped Me With Day-to-Day Operations So I Can Focus on My Patients

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The following is an excerpt from the special report, The Keplr Vision Difference. Click HERE to download the whole report.

By Jill K. Showalter, OD

March 24, 2021

Prior to my partnership with Keplr Vision, I was looking for resources that would help me manage the business side of my practice more effectively and efficiently. I was overburdened with trying to balance two careers: seeing patients and running a business. Something had to give.

Trust In Keplr Vision
Although I had never envisioned not owning the practice I had started with my father, I needed to get out from under the burden of keeping up with all the changes in the healthcare industry and the what-ifs. Of course, I was nervous. It’s scary selling something you’ve invested so much in. But with all the changes happening in healthcare, I knew I didn’t want to keep doing it all myself for another 15 or 20 years.

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The support system from the Keplr Vision teams started immediately. The week after we closed, we got a letter in the mail notifying us we were being audited. I thought we’d have to handle it on our own because it happened before our partnership. But the Keplr Vision HR team stepped in and handled it, and we were completely absolved. Then and every day since, we have had a partner to assist us in every situation with care and professionalism for the team and our patients.

Patient-Centric Medical Model
Partnership with Keplr Vision has more than lived up to my expectations. I am part of something bigger, and I expanded my vision for my practice far more in just the past couple years than I ever would have been able to do independently. Dr. Gaddie assured me, “If you want to learn myopia management or how to treat glaucoma better or how to better manage dry eye disease, we’ll give you the support and training you need.” That promise has already become a reality. I’ve been presented with tremendous professional growth opportunities, including a day spent in-clinic with leading optometric educator Dr. Paul Karpecki. Having that support has been instrumental to help me understand dry eye disease, how to treat my patients, and even how to make things run more smoothly in the clinic.

Keplr Vision’s Entrepreneurial Expertise
Keplr Vision has also proven they are as invested in my practice’s growth as I am. When I looked to expand my dry eye clinic, they were very supportive of my need for new equipment. I proposed another lane of equipment, showed them our growth and numbers, and they made it happen. Maintaining my independence and keeping the name of my practice were also deciding factors. I wouldn’t have joined if they were planning to put a different sign on the door. Keeping that legacy of the practice unchanged was important to me, and those patient-facing elements have remained.

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