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    Set Aside Time for a Process-Improvement Meeting

    By Scott Huffer, ODMay 11, 2016Quarterly, half-day staff meetings can help set the agenda in your office, and allow for continuous improvements...

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    Staff Management

    Empower Employees to Solve Problems, Free Up OD Time

    By Mike Rothschild, ODMay 4, 2016When a staff is empowered to make decisions and solve problems, it frees up the doctor's time...

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    Staff Management

    No-Stress Teambuilding: Nurture a More Effective Staff

    By Cheryl G. Murphy, ODRock climbing, rowing, relay races and cracking the codes of riddles are good team-building exercises. But for the...

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    Staff Retreats: Focus on Goals to Enhance Patient Care and Revenues

    By Ken Krivacic, OD, MBAStaff retreats are vital for goal-setting—and can elevate the level of staff performance. Take the time, do it...

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    Off-Site Retreats: Tune-Up Your Practice Performance

    By Amir Khoshnevis, ODAn off-site executive or staff retreat can sharpen your practice's focus. Here are the elements to make it work.

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    Staff Retreats: Teambuilding and Talent Enhancement Tool

    By Mike Rothschild, ODA purposeful, well organized staff retreat can offer teambuilding and important planning for a more profitable future. An upcoming...

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