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Highlights from VM Summit: How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Eyecare

May 10, 2017

Artificial intelligence and its impact on eyecare was the theme of the 11th annual VM Global Leadership Summit, held in conjunction with Vision Expo East. See video and text highlights from a dozen artificial intelligence experts, and gain takeaways from this peek into the tech-driven future.


. The initial artificial intelligence designs were modeled on the human brain, but do not attempt to replicate the brain exactly, so there will always be differences between the service your staff can provide and the service an AI mechanism can deliver.

LANGUAGE GENERATION TECHNOLOGY. It may soon be possible for AI systems to write text. You can think creatively about how that could be put to use in your practice, perhaps in aiding opticians in the handoff to the optical, helping to reinforce what was said in the exam room, and even provide additional on-target messaging.

COMPLEMENTING THE HUMAN. Rather than replacing the human, AI can be used in places where it may be more efficient and effective than a human, while a human can continue to be used in areas where the human is better than the machine. For example, AI might be able to be used to facilitate a quick check-out, helping to place contact lens and eyewear orders, but a human would still be best for one-on-one, nuanced interaction with patients in the optical.

AI CAN HELP PREVENT BLINDNESS. AI can reduce blindness in the world by tracking, and offering data to prevent, children’s refractive errors, developing predictive outcomes for refractive surgery, and by mapping, and offering data to prevent, diseases by geography.

EYECARE CAN USE ANALYTICS ON DEMAND. For example, in treating glaucoma, acquiring disease-trending data requires multiple IOP measurements in a day. Use of a 24-hour IOP monitoring contact lens device like Triggerfish can collect data. That data can then be directly transferred to an online platform like EyecareLive to be analyzed and sent directly to doctors.






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