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The Billing Solution Saving Us Money & Staff Time

An optometrist poses in a photo with his staff. Staff time has been freed through use of VisionWeb Revenue Cycle Management.

Dr. Cargo, center, with his staff. He says that VisionWeb Revenue Cycle Management has greatly enhanced his practice’s ability to get reimbursed for services in a timely manner while freeing staff to keep the focus on patients.

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By Jonathan Cargo, OD

June 14, 2023

Managing billing, so claims are quickly and effectively submitted, is hugely important to profitability. In our practice, we were fortunate to find a solution that transformed our ability to submit claims and get quickly reimbursed for our services. That solution was VisionWeb Revenue Cycle Management.

Ideal Billing Solution for a Full-Scope Practice
We’ve been in practice for about 15 years at our current location. We pride ourselves on offering services for all members of the family, everything from primary care services like glasses and contact lenses to disease management and surgical co-management.

I was introduced to VisionWeb RCM at a Vision Source Exchange. I got to meet with some of the company’s leadership and talk about my needs, which they easily addressed. We were able to implement the solution within our practice shortly after. Before using VisionWeb RCM, we had staff members who had billing as one of their responsibilities. However, they were often distracted by the need to provide patient care at the same time, and their billing work got put on the back burner. We wanted them to be able to keep their focus where it should be, on our patients, without our practice having to sacrifice being able to be reimbursed in a timely fashion for our services.

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More Cost-Efficient than Having Staff Take Time Away from Patients
The cost of VisionWeb is far less than our staff members’ time, and is now seamlessly managed. Our patients don’t see us working on billing, or have our staff distracted by billing tasks. VisionWeb is working around the clock to fulfill our revenue cycle needs and enable us to maximize our reimbursement.

VisionWeb allows us to see more patients since we are no longer bogged down with the behind-the-scenes activities of billing vision and health plans. It also enables us to use our key staff members in better roles where they’ve been able to interact more with patients, which provides better treatment outcomes and care.

 Jonathan Cargo, OD, is the owner of Cargo Eye Care in Irving, Texas.

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