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5 Steps for Effectively Treating Chronic Dry Eye While Growing Your Practice

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By Roger Hitt
Sales Director, M2 Biologics

May 5, 2021

Dry eye is becoming increasingly common, with 16 million people in the U.S. experiencing it, according to the National Eye Institute. Published reports estimate 16 million Americans have been diagnosed with dry eye disease (DED). Researchers found that the actual number of Americans suffering from dry eye symptoms is likely much higher. Some reports estimate that nearly half of all U.S. adults experience dry eye signs and symptoms.

Fortunately, there is a new way, free of manufactured chemicals, of providing relief to patients while growing your practice’s patient base and profitability. This new approach to dry eye care is StimulEyes. Here are the details on this new product and how it may help to transform your patients’ lives while boosting your practice.

Recognize Signs of Dry Eye in Exam Room Conversation with Patients
Your patients probably won’t tell you they have chronic dry eye, but many will recount telltale symptoms of the condition when you ask them about the comfort of their eyes and the quality of their vision.

Patients who have chronic dry eye say that their eyes feel heavy and dry. They may also report having trouble focusing on everyday tasks, and that things may get cloudy now and then.
Symptoms of dry eyes may also include:

• Night driving problems

• Discomfort when wearing contacts

• Burning, itching or stinging sensations

• light sensitivity

• Eyes that are watery at times, then completely dry at other times

• Red and sore eyelids

• Mucus secreting from the eye in a string-like texture

Offer Patients a Chemical-Free Approach to Treating Dry Eye
StimulEyes is a naturally occurring biologic. It is in the family of regenerative medicine. Its composition of bio-active proteins may provide lubrication, anti-inflammation, and in some cases, perhaps even the potential to repair and replace damaged cells. StimulEyes is NOT a product of manufactured chemicals!

With StimulEyes, as with any dry eye treatment or product, there can be no guarantee of treatment success, but the make up of the natural ingredients in the matrix offer hope for those suffering from dry eyes. With the soothing effects and lubrication of hyaluronic acid and the anti-inflammatory potential of the protein cytokines, there is significant potential for symptomatic relief. Add to that the growth factors and other bio-active proteins, and that potential may be even more promising.

Provide a Simple Yet Custom Treatment
Not only is StimulEyes an effective and all-natural biological way to treat dry eye; it’s a way to treat dry eye that keeps patients in your practice. This is not a product they can obtain themselves at the local drugstore counter.

You, as doctor, prescribe the patient a specific dosage, based on their individual needs. A typical prescription may call for one drop of StimulEyes in each eye two times per day. Patients are given exactly what they need with the message that your practice provides custom, personalized care for each patient.

StimulEyes is delivered in a dropper system that is easy to open and use. Because of the manufacturing process and the biological composition of StimulEyes, even after opening the bottle, it does not require refrigeration. Normal room temperature is all that is required.

Educate Patients on Excellent Prospects for Success Based on Experience of Real People
Positive treatment outcomes support StimulEyes as a proven, effective way to treat dry eyes. A recent patient success story from Michelle McKenzie, OD:

“I developed dry eye syndrome as a result of meibomian gland dysfunction and after a conversation with my clinic’s sales rep, I was introduced to StimulEyes. I was immediately intrigued by the growth factors touted by the treatment and how they could help my condition.”

“After being on my course of the treatment for three months, I have found immense relief from StimulEyes. I can say that my eyes feel much better than they had with the previous dry eye treatments which only offered me slight relief. Overall, my experience with StimulEyes has been great! My eyes feel great. I can wear contact lenses for a full day with no discomfort. I can open my eyes without dryness first thing in the morning. I have even noticed more rows of eyelashes regrowing. I recommend that others experiencing dry eye syndrome try StimulEyes.”

Market Your Winning Treatment for Chronic Dry Eye
Once you have a successful system in place for diagnosing and treating dry eye with products such as StimulEyes, let patients know. You can do that by posting information about dry eye symptoms once a month, or even once a week, to your practice social media pages. When you do that, be sure to give a brief summary of the dry eye diagnosis and treatment options your practice offers. You also can include contact information for patients to reach out one-on-one to you or another person in your practice with questions about the dry eye services you provide.

When patients learn that you have an advanced, cutting-edge treatment approach to dry eye, which includes a product like StimulEyes, confidence will be instilled in your expertise and they will be all the more likely to click to make that appointment.

Roger Hitt is sales director at M2 Biologics. To contact him: roger.hitt@M2BIOLOGICS.com


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