The Future of Contact Lens Profitability

By Thomas F. Steiner
Director of Research, Review of Optometric Business

Many ODs perceive contact lenses as a low-priced, low-margin commodity, but they overlook the real valued asset: the contact lens patient over the long-term.




How to Increase the Value of Contact Lens Patients

Contact lens patients exceed eyeglasses-only wearers in revenue and profit to an optometric practice—and their overall contribution is potentially higher.




Contact Lens Patients Are More Valuable than Eyeglasses-Only Patients

Conventional wisdom is that a patient who wears eyeglasses generates more profit than a patient who wears contact lenses. In fact: Contact lens wearers are far more valuable to a practice over time.




Making Contact Lenses = Greater Share of Practice Revenue

Contact lenses are becoming a more significant revenue source in eyecare practices. This has occurred as the penetration of contact lenses in the vision correction population has grown and as new lens technologies have increased the annual amount spent by wearers.



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Report: The Long-Term Value of the Contact Lens Patient

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