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Financial Management: How Much Should You Delegate? 

Posted by margery weinstein Sep 08, 2014 Categories: finance finances practice management profit and loss

By Diane Palombi, OD

Be hands-on with your practice's financial management. This secures your revenues and keeps you aware of your profitability.

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Practice Philanthropies: Enhance Connection to Your Community 

Posted by margery weinstein Aug 14, 2014 Categories: community practice management

By David I. Geffen, OD, FAAO

Supporting philanthropies is a great way for your practice to give back, and helps connect you to your patients and the community.

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Acquiring a Practice: Management Lessons Learned 

Posted by margery weinstein Aug 14, 2014 Categories: finances new practice owner practice management

By Ann Rea Miller, OD

In buying a practice, avoid the pitfalls that can dash your hopes and dreams. Here are key lessons learned in a recent acquisition.

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Alternative Minimum Tax: Investing in Your Practice May Reduce Your Tax Bill 

Posted by margery weinstein Aug 14, 2014 Categories: finance finances numbers taxes

By Adam Cmelja, CMFA

Understanding the alternative minimum tax can save you money. In fact, investing in your practice may reduce your tax load.

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Eight Steps to Cut Costs and Increase Profits 

Posted by margery weinstein Aug 04, 2014 Categories: finance finances numbers

By Laurie L. Sorrenson, OD, FAAO

Keeping your costs of operation down is a key to creating a profitable practice. Here are simple steps to lower these expenses.

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Which is Better: One Career or Two? 

Posted by margery weinstein Jul 28, 2014 Categories: career planning professional development

By Cheryl G. Murphy, OD

For an optometrist, a second professional life can put your optometric knowledge to use and challenge you in new ways.

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Measure Profitability with a Profit & Loss Statement 

Posted by margery weinstein Jul 09, 2014 Categories: finance finances metrics numbers p&l profit and loss return on investment

By Melanie J. Denton, OD, FAAO

Like any small business owner, OD-owners need to closely monitor their practice's gross and net revenues. Do it like the pros do: Generate a P&L statement and review it regularly.

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Key Questions to Ask When Financing a Second Practice Acquisition 

Posted by margery weinstein Jul 09, 2014 Categories: finance finances numbers practice transition

By Bob Schultz

When seeking financing to acquire a second practice, asking four key questions can help you to borrow well--and become profitable sooner. 

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Disability Insurance: Safeguard Your Practice and Profits 

Posted by margery weinstein Jun 24, 2014 Categories: disability insurance finance finances

By Adam Cmelja, CMFA

What happens to your practice if something happens to you, the primary revenue-generator? Adding comprehensive disability insurance that covers you if you are unable to see patients just might save your practice.

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Patient Financing: Employ it for a Marketing Advantage 

Posted by margery weinstein Jun 19, 2014 Categories: CareCredit patient financing

By Gary M. Freestone, OD, and Charla Thrash

Offering financing on optical goods and eyecare services provides a marketing advantage—if you show all patients how they can use it to extend their purchasing power.

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