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Eight Steps to Cut Costs and Increase Profits 

Posted by margery weinstein Aug 04, 2014 Categories: finance finances numbers

By Laurie L. Sorrenson, OD, FAAO

Keeping your costs of operation down is a key to creating a profitable practice. Here are simple steps to lower these expenses.

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Which is Better: One Career or Two? 

Posted by margery weinstein Jul 28, 2014 Categories: career planning professional development

By Cheryl G. Murphy, OD

For an optometrist, a second professional life can put your optometric knowledge to use and challenge you in new ways.

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Measure Profitability with a Profit & Loss Statement 

Posted by margery weinstein Jul 09, 2014 Categories: finance finances metrics numbers p&l profit and loss return on investment

By Melanie J. Denton, OD, FAAO

Like any small business owner, OD-owners need to closely monitor their practice's gross and net revenues. Do it like the pros do: Generate a P&L statement and review it regularly.

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Key Questions to Ask When Financing a Second Practice Acquisition 

Posted by margery weinstein Jul 09, 2014 Categories: finance finances numbers practice transition

By Bob Schultz

When seeking financing to acquire a second practice, asking four key questions can help you to borrow well--and become profitable sooner. 

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Disability Insurance: Safeguard Your Practice and Profits 

Posted by margery weinstein Jun 24, 2014 Categories: disability insurance finance finances

By Adam Cmelja, CMFA

What happens to your practice if something happens to you, the primary revenue-generator? Adding comprehensive disability insurance that covers you if you are unable to see patients just might save your practice.

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Patient Financing: Employ it for a Marketing Advantage 

Posted by margery weinstein Jun 19, 2014 Categories: CareCredit patient financing

By Gary M. Freestone, OD, and Charla Thrash

Offering financing on optical goods and eyecare services provides a marketing advantage—if you show all patients how they can use it to extend their purchasing power.

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Independent vs. Corporate Optometry: Which Is Right For You? 

Posted by margery weinstein Jun 06, 2014 Categories: new graduate practice management professional development

By Diane Palombi, OD

Both independent and corporate optometry have their advantages. Here are pros and cons to determine your best career path.

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The New 3.8 Percent Tax: Strategies to Keep Money in Your Pocket 

Posted by margery weinstein May 29, 2014 Categories: finance finances taxes

By Adam Cmelja, CMFA

Proven strategies can minimize your exposure to a new 3.8 percent tax. Saving money requires that you act early.

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Wanted: Vendor-Partners Who Support Independent ODs 

Posted by margery weinstein May 23, 2014 Categories: finance practice management

By Michael J. Zucker, OD

Vendors who respect and support independent ODs are vital to the independent practitioner's success. How do you find vendors who will partner with you to work toward profitability, rather than undermine your efforts?

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Practice Purchase or Expansion: Manage Expenses to Reach Profitability 

Posted by margery weinstein May 08, 2014 Categories: budgeting finances practice sale second practice

By Chad Fleming, OD, FAAO

Purchasing or expanding a practice can be more costly than you think. Here is how to break down the financials to project when you reach profitability.

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