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Four Ways to Add Direct-Pay Products & Services  

Posted by margery weinstein Mar 18, 2015 Categories: practice growth return on investment specialty

By Lisa Shin, OD
March 25, 2015

Are you missing promising direct-pay revenue opportunities? Here are four key revenue streams you may be overlooking.


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Six ROI Winners for Your Practice 

Posted by margery weinstein Mar 13, 2015 Categories: finance finances practice management

By Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAO
April 15, 2015

Which investments have made the greatest difference to your profitability? Here are the six from last year that produced the greatest ROI for my practice.

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MOOC Madness: Online Educational Opportunities Abound 

Posted by margery weinstein Mar 06, 2015 Categories: CE continuing education professional development

By Cheryl G. Murphy, OD
March 11, 2015

MOOCs offer online learning that is often free and easy to access. Are you ready to start building your knowledge of topics beyond what you would find at optometric conferences?

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Optometric Conferences: Strategize to Optimize 

Posted by margery weinstein Feb 26, 2015 Categories: peer groups professional development

By Justin Bazan, OD
March 11, 2015

By Justin Bazan, ODOptometric conferences are fun, but costly in time and money. Plan well for a payoff in practice improvements and career advancement.


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Recognize Shady Sales Rep Tactics--and Avoid Them 

Posted by margery weinstein Jan 16, 2015 Categories: practice management

By Brian Chou, OD, FAAO

January 21, 2015

ODs are constantly pitched by sales reps, who sometimes use questionable tactics. Three common ruses--and how to protect against them.


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Three Rules to Make Your Practice Great 

Posted by margery weinstein Jan 08, 2015 Categories: practice management

By Ken Krivacic, OD, MBA
January 28, 2015

Following three simple rules can take a company—or an OD practice--from good to great.

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Are There Too Many Optometry Schools? 

Posted by margery weinstein Jan 05, 2015 Categories: optometry students professional development

By Gary Gerber, OD
January 7, 2015

Are there too many OD schools turning out too many new ODs? The bigger future factor: How will emerging technology determine how we practice?

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Continuing Education: Avoid Procrastination--and Optimize! 

Posted by margery weinstein Dec 12, 2014 Categories: CE continuing education professional development

By Diane Palombi, OD

Plan your CE calendar carefully. There are more venues and times than ever.

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OD Stress Management 101: Are You in Control of Your Life? 

Posted by margery weinstein Dec 05, 2014 Categories: practice management professional development stress management

By Peter G. Shaw-McMinn, OD

Optometry is rewarding, but our responsibilities can cause stress. Here’s how to maintain a low stress level--and a high focus on building your thriving practice.

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Social Security Planning: Plan Early, Reap Rewards 

Posted by margery weinstein Dec 04, 2014 Categories: finance finances retirement social security tax strategy

By Adam Cmelja, CMFA
Posted 1-7-15

Planning and adjusting retirement funds can make a six-figure difference in your benefits over a full retirement period.


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