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By Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD, and Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD


Create a system to ensure effective patient recall

One of the key components of your internal marketing plan is getting your current patients to return. The best approach to having repeat business is to create a system. Here are five key parts which that system should include. >>READ MORE>>


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Examining Kids: Determine Your Comfort Level
By Diane Palombi, OD

Examining children can be a challenging aspect of optometry. Fortunately, there are strategies you can implement to set children patients at ease.

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Destroying Eight Myths in Optometry
By Brian Chou, OD, FAAO

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By Diane Palombi, OD












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New This Week

Train Staff Well for Medical Optometry

Randolph Brooks, OD, FAAO, advises that a well-trained staff is invaluable as eyecare practices embrace the medical model in addition to providing vision care services. Providing staff with professional training makes them feel confident and appreciated, and it increases staff loyalty and retention.



Retirement Planning: Plan Now for Post-Career Security

By Chad Fleming, OD, FAAO

For an independent OD, retirement planning is a career-long process. Strategize how much to save right from the start—and calculate the payoff in later years.




Billboards: Promote Your Practice Identity to Your Community

By Ann Rea Miller, OD

Billboard advertising can quickly turn your practice into a highly recognizable brand in your community.




Differentiate Your Optical By Featuring Only Independent-Brand Frames

img1By Maria Higgins, OD
Set your optical apart from the competition with independent-brand frames and unique design touches.






ROB Fast Fact


Post-LASIK Patients: More or Less Likely to Have Eyes Examined Recently?

img1Having LASIK surgery doesn’t make patients less likely to see you for an eye exam, findings from The Vision Council’s Eyewear Habits of Refractive Surgery/LASIK Patients suggest. In fact, according to the report, people who have had a refractive surgery procedure were slightly more likely to have had an eye exam within the past six months or the past 12 months. Some 43.8 percent of the total adult population has had an eye exam within the past year, while 49.5 percent of all refractive surgery patients have had their eyes examined within the past year.


Click HERE to read more from Review of Optometric Business professional editors Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD, on the importance of effective patient recall.


In Brief

ABB OPTICAL GROUP Matching ECP Donations to Optometry Giving Sight

Now through World Sight Day on October 9, 2014, ABB OPTICAL GROUP accounts ordering online can donate directly to Optometry Giving Sight through their online shopping cart. >>READ MORE>>


Vision Source Named Eyecare Provider by Minuteman Health

img1 Optometric alliance Vision Source announced that it has entered into a vision service provider agreement with Minuteman Heath, an HMO based in Boston comprised of over 7,500 hospitals, physicians and specialists. <<READ MORE>>



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