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By Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD, and Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD


Create a three-year for your practice, including selling more specialty lenses and specialty services


The future of our profession is specialty lenses and specialty services, since everything else eventually can be purchased from the internet or from a kiosk. Practice leaders should have a three-year plan for the practice to deliver those kinds of products and services.




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Do We Need a New Approach to OD Business Education?

By Peter G. Shaw-McMinn, OD

Whether or not an optometrist is considered a dispensing or non-dispensing OD, they need to be aware of the latest lens options in order to prescribe what’s best for each patient. 


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Registered Nurse

Atlanta, GA, 30342, US


Ophthalmic Technician

Brandon, FL, 33511, US


Optometrist, Part-time Sublease

Brownsville, TX, 78520, US


Optometrist, Part-time Sublease

Midland, TX, 79703, US


Optometrist/Doctor of Optometry Fulltime Sublease

Rockaway, NJ, 07866, US

July 27-August 3 

Posted by margery weinstein Tuesday, July 26, 2016 10:47:00 AM

New This Week

Prescribe Multiple Eyewear for Your Patient's Total Needs

Eric M. White, OD, prescribes multiple eyewear to meet a patient’s total lifestyle needs. This includes everyday eyeglasses with Transitions, polarized driving sunwear, occasional-use CLs and computer eyewear. He prescribes in the exam room and offers healthcare financing to help patients fulfill his full treatment plan. >>READ MORE>>


Diagnostic Instrumentation

Invest in Technology to Grow Your Dry Eye Services

By Peter J. Cass, OD

Increase your dry eye services with two-part technology to diagnose dry eye and treat it effectively. Run the numbers to compute your ROI. >>READ MORE>


Staff Management

Create a Winning Work Environment that Promotes Superior Care & Success

By Dave Anderson, OD


Outstanding patient care and superior service can make the difference between profit and loss for your practice. Create a positive work environment that promotes success.  >>READ MORE>>


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Manage Eye Conditions & Create Satisfied Patients with All-Natural Eye Drops

By Steven Cantrell, OD


Natural homeopathic eye drops can be part of your treatment plan for a variety of ocular conditions, and they can add a major revenue stream to a practice.  >>READ MORE>>











ROB Fast Fact


Market Opportunity: Prescribe Personalized PALs

Offering personalized progressives could set you apart from your competitors, findings from Jobson Optical Research’s 2016 Premium Lenses MarketPulse study suggest. Retailers said that 38 percent of their progressive lens sales are personalized, on average. One quarter (25 percent) of the progressive lenses with personalized designs include actual vertex, tilt and wrap measurements. Just under half (46 percent) use the manufacturer’s or lab’s default measurements.


Click HERE to read more on prescribing and selling personalized progressive lenses, from Review of Optometric Business professional editors Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD.


In Brief

CooperVision Introduces a CL for Digital Device Users

CooperVision, Inc., has announced the introduction of Biofinity Energys contact lenses with Digital Zone Optics, specifically created for digital device users. >>READ MORE>>


The Vision Council Launches New Eyecessorize Web Site

The Vision Council’s Eyecessorize campaign, which aims to promote the fashion and lifestyle aspects of eyewear, has launched a revamped web site,



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